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Pressure washing and artificial grass maintenance

Artificial grass is low maintenance and practical, but it is important you keep on top of the basic maintenance of your artificial lawn.

We offer pressure washing and maintenance on tennis courts, playgrounds and domestic artificial grass and we can even do your pathways and drives while we are there!

We offer artificial grass maintenance and cleaning packages to suit all needs starting from:

£145 +VAT 0-50 sqm

£195 + VAT 50-100 sqm

£245 +VAT 100-150 sqm

£295 +VAT 150-250 sqm (tennis court pressure wash cost)

A water source is required for all aspects of our pressure washing services.

Leaf Blower

This will clear your lawn area of any vegetation and waste, ready to be collected and disposed of.

Lawn Inspection

Once the area has been cleared of loose waste we can carry out a full inspection for your lawn, including joint seams, fixings, yarn condition, infill levels and general damage.

Clean up

We will remove any weeds or debris in the grass pile, weed killer and moss treatment will be used if necessary. To complete the clean up artificial grass shampoo will be sprayed for a fresh hygienic feel. 

Brush up

Using our specialist artificial grass power broom it will raise the pile up leaving you with a completely replenished lawn.

Artificial grass maintenance can be carried out by yourself, we are always happy to help with any questions or advice.

If the area has been left unmaintained for a while some weeds may establish. Its recommend they are sprayed with weed killing treatment a few weeks before any maintenance is carried out so the treatment has time to work. This can be arranged by us with prior notice.


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